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Enchanted Apple Tree, by Edward Julius Detmold (1883-1957).

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There are many reasons people go vegan and it's not always about the animals. Before going vegan I didn't eat mammals for 3 years, then I took the plunge. However I don't bash people for not doing what I do. By sending out hate you push people away and we want to being as many people into vegan as possible. Don't get me wrong I like you a lot because you don't give a fuck about other people, I respect that. But for the sake of vegans don't bash people that don't think exactly like you.
harmonygarden harmonygarden Said:

I have never once in my life bashed someone for not being vegan, I’m really confused as to how you got that out of my response about the bees.

Someone came to me, an avid defender of bees, and told me how great they thought it was that they ate honey, something I clearly have previously disagreed on. I pointed out the logical flaws I saw in what they said. I didn’t call them names or say they are worthless. I didn’t attack their character or their esteem. So, come on, really.

How dare you say I do not give a fuck about other people, as if you know me? That is one of the most bizarre judgments someone has made at me. It is also a really repulsive thing to say, especially for someone who is apparently interested in spreading the love and not turning people away. Man, if I was an omnivore and you were the representative of veganism… I’m not too sure how safe I’d feel!

I care deeply about every living being on this planet, equally. Nothing in my bee response suggested otherwise.

If some people don’t like me, I am fine with that - I am not a mascot for veganism. I am who I am. If someone does not want to go vegan because of something I have said, then that issue is with them, not me. What some will love, others will hate - what a ridiculous battle. 

Becoming vegan is a lot to do with respect, compassion, kindness, being humble, acknowledging and respecting living creatures - it is not about joining a popular group of people who seem friendly. I know being vegan is right because it aligns with my morals, not because other vegans I know were ‘friendly’. 

I do the best I can to encourage people in my life to go vegan, and I have succeeded at doing so before, however, I really do not need to justify any of that to you.

Your tongue is sharp, ignorant and entitled so I would appreciate it if you do not message me again. Thanks.

I'm also vegan and rarely eat honey, but I do eat it. Vegan is not one definition in a book that everyone must follow to say the word vegan. Bees are trucked around and hives torn apart every year for agriculture of tomatoes, flowering trees like almonds, and basically any flowering plant. For this reason, there is no way you can buy your normal vegan shopping list without supporting bee slavery. I wrote this because I saw how you responded to the last question, it's better to spread love.
harmonygarden harmonygarden Said:

I know all about how bees are treated, I have shared that information myself many times here on my blog.

I understand being vegan is not about being perfect, that in this current world there probably is no such thing as being 100% vegan.

However, I do believe that being vegan means doing the best you can under the circumstances.

So, how is not being able to buy fruits and veges that haven’t been pollinated by ‘slave bees’ a justification for a totally separate act, of eating honey?

Seems like a slippery slope.

The former falls under doing the best you can, the second falls under an unnecessary act. 

Many medications that people sadly need to live contain derivatives of milk, does that mean we may as well just drink milk anyway?

I mean, it’s not like you can get the life saving medication you need without it currently requiring dairy cows to be commodified, why not go all the way and eat the damn thing?

Well the reason that seems absurd is the same reason that your example is flawed. 

While the produce pollination process that you require to survive is out of your control, your choice of consuming a product that is unnecessary for your health is. 

We may not be able to change the ingredients pharmacy companies use in pills that we may need to live, but that doesn’t justify or obviously follow onto us contributing more. 

That last person did not ask me a question, they spoke at me. As if wanting some sort of validation that what they were doing was totally fine.


Someone came to a blog which has shared a strong opinion about bees and veganism multiple times, so it really is curious to me what they expected?

I do my best to embody kindness every day, you may not see that, but I am spreading love, especially for bees… seeing as there’s obviously still a lot of people out there who think it’s okay to short change them on compassion and respect. 

Hey I am vegan and I eat honey, but I only buy organic honey. I just love bees and the symbiotic relationship we have with them. I plan to get my first hive this spring. I am convinced that they don't mind sharing their honey when they a well cared 4
harmonygarden harmonygarden Said:

I’m not sure why you felt the need to talk at me. 

You have not asked a question, simply made a statement about a subject I never asked anyone’s opinion on.

And, if you have ever gone through my blog you would already know my opinion about bees and veganism. 

So, I’m not really sure of what your agenda is here. 

1. Organic =/= Vegan. You can feed anyone something organic, while brutally kicking them. Why is this so freaking hard for people to understand?

2. It is disturbing to see you stretch and manipulate our symbiotic relationship with bees to cover eating honey. Our interconnected relationship with them is due to the way in which they pollenate fruits and vegetables. It ends there. There is no environmental process or need of bees that is fulfilled by humans eating honey, it is an isolated action of greed. 

3. I wonder how you are convinced that bees don’t mind sharing their honey? Did they tell you? No, they didn’t - bees cannot give you consent to steal their honey.

4. Hey, I bet pigs don’t mind sharing their legs with us, as long as they’re well cared for. I am convinced of this because reasons.

5. You seem more concerned with welfare than liberation. With treating an oppressed class nicely rather than freeing them from such a class.

6. You are not a vegan. You unnecessarily consume animal products, that’s all there really is to it. Sorry.