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Takes snaps, writes words, makes melodies. Loves tea & growing flowers & food. Philosophy degree, vegan, ecofeminist & faerie.

I saw a portrait of myself when I looked out the window this morning.

A leaf was swaying and there was a tiny droplet hanging on the end, not quite falling… but dangling dangerously. 

It was early, the pale pink sky looked like fairy floss and the lawn was shimmering with all the dew. 

Little shards of light were peeking through my blinds, letting me know gently, that it is already another day. 

To find yourself, think for yourself.
Socrates (via girlinlondon)

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Artodyssey: Elvira Amrhein

What makes you so excited?!
harmonygarden harmonygarden Said:

Do you mean in regards to the post I made a week ago? If so, it’s because I get to start classes soon to learn how to make flower arrangements, box arrangements, wire-work and all sorts of other floristy-stuff :)

You are a beautiful faerie princess! You remind me of one of my friends who recently moved away :) Stay amazing <3
harmonygarden harmonygarden Said:

Aw, thank you :)

It’s interesting to think that while my particular molecular composition is somewhat unique, I am really just a reimagined arrangement of elements and energies that have had previous lives and unique histories. 

My consciousness is just the current spotlight, shining on them, making their existence known. When my light finally fades, some other consciousness will breath into the elements and energy I was so lucky to live upon for a while. 

People treat the physical as if it disappears, that only a spirit has true infinity. 

I think this is mistaken.

I think that nothing leaves and nothing is added to the universe, physical or spiritual. I think the ancient vibrations just continue to dance in different ways, changing partners and patterns and frequencies.

Even when I die, both my body and my mind lives on, I think.

I wonder where the iron that once was in my blood will go, I wonder what frequency my consciousness might sway to.

My particular partnership of elements and energies will go their separate ways, eventually. Manifesting in different places and different ways, but they will not cease to exist.